Lifetime WarrantyFast Apple iPhone Repairs in Daphne, AL

Is your broken iPhone giving you a headache? Quick Fix is your most reliable local solution.

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Lifetime Warranty on Original grade parts – 3-Month Warranty on aftermarket parts

5 Reasons to Choose Quick Fix for Apple iPhone Repairs

  • Great Prices
  • Fast Service
  • Guaranteed Warranties
  • Quality Parts
  • 15,000 Satisfied Customers

Quick Fix is Daphne’s most trusted iPhone repair specialist, thanks to our lightning fast OEM and aftermarket Apple iPhone screens for cracked screen repairs and battery replacement for dead batteries.

Your iPhone is in good hands with us. Our experienced team of technicians can also help with more complex issues such as faulty LCD displays, water damage, and technical hardware problems that are impacting your daily use of your Apple iPhone.

Quick Fix uses only the best quality parts – and the quality of our parts and services is backed by a lifetime warranty on original grade parts and a 3-month warranty on aftermarket parts.

We’re Your Quick Fix for Fast, Local iPhone Repairs

iPhone Cracked Screen Repairs: Quick Fix uses High-Quality glass and LCDs for a fast, efficient service that restores your phone to its former glory

iPhone Dead Battery Repair: Quick Fix can replace your old, drained iPhone battery with a brand new one, giving your phone a new lease of life

iPhone Power Repairs: Quick Fix technicians can inspect your dead iPhone to diagnose and fix any internal issues that are preventing your phone from turning on

iPhone Water Damage Repair: Quick Fix can inspect and repair your phone after water damage, even if the motherboard has been affected

iPhone Hardware Issue Repairs: Quick Fix can open your broken iPhone to check for hardware issues and repair them with spare parts and know-how

iPhone Headphone Jack Repairs: Quick Fix can repair or replace your iPhone headphone jack fast – there’s no need to suffer in silence.

At Quick Fix, our top priority is giving all our customers a fast and reliable iPhone repair service using the best parts. All our staff are determined to give you the best possible experience without compromise, helping you to fix your iPhone the easy way.

Should You Repair Your Broken iPhone?

In many cases, it makes more sense to repair your cracked screen rather than purchase a new smartphone – but with some repairs, particularly those where significant damage is present, it may make more sense to upgrade.

If your phone is on its last legs, our technicians are happy to advise you on your options and help you make the right choice. You may find that a better solution for you would be to look at our range of certified pre-used phones from Apple, Samsung, and other smartphone manufacturers.

Fully refurbished and just like new, these devices offer all the functionality that they would straight out of the box – but with a much more attractive price tag and comprehensive 90-day warranty included.