About Us

Our Mission at Quick Fix is to spread our knowledge and expertise to the local community in which we were founded with exceptional customer service and support.

At Quick Fix, we combine high quality components, expert phone repair, and speedy service for a world-class experience—and that’s a guarantee.

Quick Fix stands on the front line of iPhone repair, fixing some of the most common issues and frustrations that users have with an efficient service. Our staff are passionate about technology, and we are always on the cutting edge.

Our mission is a simple one: to keep our customers’ devices working and trouble-free.

Our History

The Quick Fix story began in 2010 with—what else?—a broken phone. Founder Hayden Faison’s iPhone took a topple and shattered, and the then college student decided to fix it, rather than pay. By 2011, Faison’s resourcefulness and skill at fixing iPhones had spread beyond his friends and family, and he formed Quick Fix out the back of his car, fixing client’s phones on the spot.

By 2013, the company had grown to serve over fifteen appointments a day, moving to retail premises with its first employer. Quick Fix continued to expand rapidly, moving yet again, this time to its flagship location on Highway 98.

To date, Quick Fix has fixed over 15,000 devices and gained a loyal customer base. The company’s story is far from over, with new chapters already created with the opening of our Highway 90 location in Daphne and our Foley Location.