Why You Need an Expert for Chromebook Repairs

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Expert Chromebook Repair

Getting by with a cracked Chromebook screen? Looking at every entry under “Chromebook repair near me”? Slower processing speed may be an indication of a battery issue. Or perhaps your Chrome OS has suffered severe damage and you’re now facing a total operating system reinstallation. Whatever the issue, taking your laptop to the pros may seem harder on the wallet, but it’ll save you time and money in the long run. Finding that expert Chromebook repair technician can be a pain, so we’ve put together a vetting list for you.

While Chromebooks may not have the glaringly obvious record of defects like Apple, these laptops aren’t without their imperfections. Before you run into the nearest shop, make sure you glance through this repair shop checklist to find the best local Chromebook repair shop near you.


You’ll want to find out what the shop will charge. Consider labor costs as well as how far you may have to dig into your wallet to cover parts replacements. Call some of the local computer repair shops you’re checking out and ask for an estimate on your repair. Be specific about the model of your Dell laptop; different laptop parts will affect the final price. The price a laptop repair shop quotes you may not include parts costs, so be wary. That said, most Chromebook parts are quite inexpensive, so the bulk of the charge will come from labor costs.


Any repair is only as good as the warranty the shop offers. A longer warranty certainly projects confidence in the shop’s service and expertise, while a shorter warranty period may imply poorer quality.

Chromebook Repair

Service Options

While most repair companies require that you drop off your Chromebook and pick it up later, some businesses offer mobile repair services. As you narrow your list of expert laptop repair shops, consider checking if each shop offers this option.

Area of Expertise

Some computer repair shops specialize in this type of repair, but most device repair shops prefer to keep their service offerings general. Some shops may even offer repairs on iPods, tablets, and game consoles. Although the latter is a decent option, be on the lookout for shops with specific expertise and a long track record in the Chromebook repair business.

Chromebook Repair

Reviews and Customer Service

Finally, check into the reviews for an inside scoop on the workings and success of the Chromebook repair shop. While some reviews may be skewed and fake – read each one with a grain of salt! – you may get a fairly accurate feel for how well the company services its customers. Regarding the area of expertise, we mentioned earlier, be on the lookout specifically for positive Chromebook repair reviews in the lineup. A “customer first” mentality – that’s what you’re after as you look for the best local computer repair shop for you.

While we hope you and your Chromebook 11, Dell Latitude 5400, or other laptop are thriving, Quick Fix is always here to offer you expert Chromebook repairs! Check out our convenient locations to start your professional Chromebook repair today!

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